Mothers in Power: The Campaign to Improve Black Maternal Health

Mothers in Power: The Campaign to Improve Black Maternal Health, is working to end Black mortality rate of mothers and babies & to improve the health of Black mothers & babies. 

We are a group of Black Women leading a movement called Mothers in Power. It is a statewide campaign to create regulations and policies to improving Black Maternal Care in Delaware.

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Change we seek


We aim to decrease the mortality rate of Black babies and mothers & improve their health throughout the State of Delaware.

We seek to understand the intersectionality of being a Black Woman by examining maternal health care of Black Women who identify with the following groups: Disabled, Mentally Ill, Immigrant, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence Victim, LGBTQ, Incarcerated, Teen Mother, and Addiction.

Take Action

Meetings are held in-person and through a video conference call to make it easier for all to participate.

Contact Campaign Coordinator Shané Darby at <> to get involved or find out more.