What is Network Delaware?

Network Delaware is a coalition of community organizers, leaders, and activists who are joining together to bring real, sustainable change to our state. To make as big an impact as possible, Network Delaware has three main initiatives.

Leadership Development

This initiative focuses on training people for community organizing, running for elected office, and learning how to run issue/electoral campaigns. We do this through a focus on facilitating workshops and coaching programs.

Civic Engagement

This initiative works on increasing voter turnout, creating awareness around issues, listening to the community and government groups, and developing neighborhood teams in every district across Delaware.

Policy Change

This initiative propels issue campaigns to address challenges across multiple issues. We engage in systematic research, analysis, and development of legislation and policies (e.g. criminal justice reform, support for immigrants, reproductive rights, education, and economic opportunity).

Our Mission

Our mission is to “reshape politics.”

We believe in the power of regular people getting involved in the political process. Everyone should be a participant in our democracy, whether you’re a parent, student, long-time advocate, first-time advocate, resident, immigrant, or just someone who wants to make a difference. In particular, we look to build power among communities of color, working people, women, immigrants, LGBTQ communities, and young people.


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2019 Membership Week

Check out all the great events/activities happening in our 2019 Membership Week. Great for new or existing members!

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On average only about 1% of eligible Delawareans vote in our school board elections. That means only about 400-500 people decide whowins an election. So lear...
Civic Engagement
Our Civic Action Alerts share key information from across the state including: a Policy Action Alert, News Alert, Community Action Alert, and a Calendar Alert.
Civic Engagement
Network Action Teams focus on impacting policy, improving their own neighborhoods, understanding how to get involved in elections, and increasing local communit...
Civic Engagement
The goal of the People’s Congress is to build a network of teams in every district across Delaware to discuss and develop a grassroots policy platform across ...
Civic Engagement

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