Leadership Development

Network Delaware’s Leadership Development initiatives emphasize community organizing, running for elected office, and running issue/electoral campaigns. We focus on facilitating workshops and coaching programs.

Do you want the skills to unite people around a common goal in your community? Do you want to support those around you in developing their own leadership? Do you want the strategic tools to propel change?

Then sign-up for one of our numerous trainings, workshops, and programs! Click one of the programs below to take ACTION.

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Current Programs

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Are you looking to improve your "Change Agent" skills and knowledge? Then you've come to the right place! This page highlights the Network's list of resources and guides.
2020-09-14 Leadership Development Civic Engagement
Network Delaware’s Ella Josephine Baker Black Organizers Group is for aspiring Black (African-American, Caribbean, African, Afro-Latino) organizers wishing to improve their skills to make an impact for racial justice and fight for Black liberation.
2020-07-11 Leadership Development
2020-03-19 Leadership Development
Do you want to have small group and 1-on-1 coaching to improve your organizing skills? Then consider applying to Network Delaware’s Internal Coaching Program!
2020-03-19 Leadership Development
The Organizing Fellowship is designed to hone your organizing skills, give you specialized coaching and training, and connect you with a team fighting for social change.
2020-03-19 Leadership Development
2020-03-18 Leadership Development
2020-03-18 Leadership Development
Are you a young adult, or do you work with young adults, who see issues in their communities and want to know how to get involved to make a difference?
2020-03-18 Leadership Development
Annual Training Schedule | Network Delaware
2020-02-03 Leadership Development